Monday, March 8, 2010

Let the Quotes Begin...

Here are a few quotes ALL from children from the last few months from student teaching & subbing:

The nurse came in to talk about seizures because a kiddo in the class has them.

Nurse- "Sometimes Mr.SonSo will start shaking and get really quite. Don't be afraid, you can't catch the Seizure and nothing will happen to you. Once the seizure is over, he'll be able to talk and play again."

5 yr. old boy- Raises his hand and the nurse calls him on he proceeds to say "Sometimes, that happens to me when I go poop!"

During Share Bag (like show and tell but the object have to be interesting, unusual and educational) a student brought in a "fossil".
We begin discussing dinosaurs and fossils. We ask- how did the dinosaurs become extinct?

5 yr. old girl- "Dinosaurs got extincted by a big red bomb!"

5th Grade:
A couple students and I were chatting and one of the girls asked "Mrs. Packer, are you married?"
I say "Yes."
Girl- "Well, if you don't mind me asking- how old are you?"
Me- "I don't mind, I just turned 22."
Girl- " Oh wow! I thought you were like 24! You're young! How old were you when you got married?"
Me- " 20, almost 21."
Girl- "My mom got married young too at the same age, 20. She says it was the biggest mistake of her life! Then she left him and married my dad!"

I'm sitting at the teacher's desk doing some work and a girl comes up to me and she has a very timid look on her face and then proceeds to tell me...

"I'm so glad you're here today and not Mr.SonSo cause this would be really embarrassing. You know tampons right???".... I will leave it there cause I'm sure you can finish the thought

High School-
Sophomore Social Studies- World History
The class was learning about World War II- of course they are watching a movie when I subbed. I explain to the students that they will be watching a movie called U571. It's about the U.S. navy having to convert one of their subs to look like German Uboat so they can go undercover and take over one of the German Uboats.

I put the movie in and the students begin watching. The movie begins on a German sub, for the first 5 mins. the movie is subtitled.

A girl turns around and asks " Are they like speaking Spanish?"
I respond- " Well, lets think about this- the video is about World War II and they are on a German Sub right now. What would be the most logical language that they are speaking?"
Girl responds- "So like, it's not Spanish then?"
I say- "Correct. What language would it be?"
Girl- "Ummm...Probably, like German. I guess?"

I watched the 4 kiddos I used to nanny for this last weekend. During dinner I told the kiddos that I would take them to store so they each could pick out one treat to put on top of their sundae for dessert.
The 8 yr old chimes in and says "I can pay for my treat, with my own money!"
The 10 yr old and 5 yr old. both say "Ya, we can use our own money to pay! We don't mind!"
I say- "Well, that is VERY kind of all of you but you do not need to spend your own money. I can pay"
5 yr. old- very seriously she says" Ashley, we know you are RICH but we can use our own money."
Me- "Oh sweetheart, I am FAR from being rich."
8 yr. old.- "Ya, Tay. She HARDLY even has a job!"

I was laughing for about 5 mins after he said that!

That's it for now, more quotes to come from working! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! =)

Have a happy and blessed day!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lots of Happenings!

I must say I am absolutely terrible at this whole blogging thing but I want to try and be a little better at it. Many have said once we start having children I will be on here lots updating and documenting. Since there are no children yet- I figured that I would try to give small updates about Spencer and I and compile quotes from the kiddos I student taught and sub for. =)

Here goes the super quick update of ohhh....I'd say the last 8 months I think since I last blogged:

- Spencer took 15 credits of Summer School to get ahead

- I took the semester off of work so I could work for FREE and Student Teach

- The good ol' Intrepid broke down ($1700 in repairs)

- Didn't want to pay $1700 cause that was almost what the car was worth

- Bought a new car! 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer (Black) =) I love it!

- Dislike the car payment (never had one before)

- Student taught at the most amazing school and w/the best mentor EVER in Kindergarten

- Did a portion of my student teaching in Head Start (Pre-K)

- GRADUATED!!!! =)

- The Grams & Gramps threw an awesome Graduation party (Thanks!)

- Celebrated our ONE year anniversary! We made it & grew a ton- absolutely Love the Hubster!

- Went back to Disneyland for our 2nd Honeymoon

- Had a great Christmas w/my bro in town and everyone together for the first time in 5 or 6 yrs w/ Spencer's fam since all the kids were on missions or at school!

- Got a weighted key board- full 88 keys ( I love listening to Spencer play)

- Drove to Prescott to get a Wii ( Love Wii Fit even though I need to do it more often)

- I began Subbing for the Deer Valley District & will soon begin for Peoria

- Moved! We now live near ASU West and are able to save some so we can get into house in a year or so

And that's about it for the highlights of the last couple of months. We have def been busy with school, work, moving and getting used to the new things in life. I have decided that this year will be a year of welcoming whatever the Lord has in store for myself and our little family. Come what may and love it! I welcome all the challenges, trials, wonderful blessings and adventures that are instore! I will soon begin adding the lovely quotes that I hear and hope that you enjoy them as much I do. =)

Have a blessed and happy day! =)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slowly learning...

It has been quite some time since my very first/last post! Lots has happened since mid March. First off, I am officially a certified TEACHER! I passed my AEPA exam for the state! YaY! Now all that is left to do is student teach and graduate in December! I am super excited! I cannot believe that, that time is almost here! It's weird to think that I will have my career in just a few short months! =) I have been recently contemplating the idea of going straight through and earning my Masters degree...there still needs to be much prayer and contemplation on this topic.

Spencer and I both finished off the semester well and did great with our grades! Spencer is already back to hitting the books for BOTH summer sessions of school. =/ Before he had to get back to the grind, he surprised me once again with a trip and took me to San Diego for Memorial day weekend! It was so nice to get away and go to the beach and just wonder around San Diego! Thanks babe! =) While there, we went up to La Jolla and went kayaking and snorkeling in the ocean! It was such a neat experience! We even got to swim with Sea Lions!!! I will have to post pics later...I am slowly learning how to function this blog.

After the trip we got to come home and celebrate my Mama's birthday! She is an absolutely amazing woman whom I love dearly. She has given so much for our family and for myself. She seemed to have a great time at the little party my Grams had for her...she made steak and shrimp (one of my mom's fav meals).

Let's see what else to update on...I will be starting my summer job any day now. I will be doing the same thing as last summer which is providing story times to first and second graders at various Phoenix After Care centers. It's fun and def lets me practice and sharpen my story telling skills that I will need for the classroom.

Finally, I must thank Faith Ann for giving a quick run through of the blogging world this last Friday! I was sooooo thankful that her and I were able to hang out and go to lunch and just sit talk like old times! It was refreshing and nice! I cannot wait to do it again! That's all for now.

Tons of love <3>

Thursday, March 12, 2009

1st Blog EvEr!

I FINALLY created a blog! Yes, after much pressure from many people...cough FAITH cough BRIANNE cough...and maybe a few others I finally broke down and created one! I have no idea how ANY of this works, so bare with me as I learn and discover. I'm sure the page will look pretty lame until I get the hang of it!
Spencer and I are both on "Spring Break" right now...I'm not sure why they are calling it a spring break because I only go to school twice a week and they loaded with with papers and projects to do! Drove me up the wall when all my instructors would say..."Have a great spring break!" Spencer and I decided that we would make the best of it! He surprised me by taking me up to Sedona! I haven't been there since I was little for my grandparents anniversary. All I remember about the trip was that I had drinks and food spilt ALL over me! So it was great to go back!
We went and browsed the shops, went and hiked Bell Rock and went fishing! I caught 5 fish but they all decided to get away right before Spencer reached in to catch em' in the net! Stinkers! Spencer caught 3...good thing cause that was our lunch! It was amazing and I absolutely loved getting away! It was desperately needed! =) I had no idea how expensive everything was up there though! A VERY ritzy town! One hiliarious thing we saw up there was that they had defibulators on the side of the streets! HaHa! I thought Sun City would've had those but I guess not!
A little bit of a downer while were visiting, Spencer got a ticket! It's okay though! We were blessed though because she only wrote him up for an expired insurance card instead of a CRIMINAL speeding ticket! It got dismissed today when he faxed it all in! Good thing!
Well, lets see...I take my AEPA exam in a few weeks to become a certified pre-k - 3rd grade teacher! I will def. let ya'll know how that goes!
This has been an interesting and fun first experience! If anyone wants to help me out with learning how to do this (BRIANNE and FAITHANN!) please feel free! =)

Tons of love! Have a blessed day!